1) Linkwood 1990 Cask Strength, 55.5%
Colour: dark gold
Nose: shoe leather, spice, cedar, butter, woody orange, plums, cherry, fruity, xmas cake, toffee,
Undiluted Nose: bubblegum
Flavour: soad, malt, licorise, salty, bitterness, tobacco
Finish: dry sherry oak, salty, dry aspartane, pepper ending, oily development, spice, fruity, malty, oily dry, lavender

2) Laphroaig (Dewer Rattray), 18 Bourbon Cask
Colour: light gold, pee
Nose: Peat, Peat, Peat,  mint, cinnamon love hearts, iodine, kelp, banana, plasticine (diluted)
Flavour: sweet, alt, coal tar, brazil nutes, licorise, anise spice
Finish: salty, pepper hot
Development: The epitome of a fish mongers posing as a nurse about to give Nigel a tetnus shot after falling down in a peat blog on Islay (and I beared witness).