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Bunzilla – oil and acrylic

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Well, I bought some oil paints today, and I'm feeling the vibe to transition from acrylic. This painting was started in acrylic, but will be finished in oil paints. The first hybrid, and the next painting will be in oil. This is still in progress. (44)

They Walk on Water – complete

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They Walk on Water Size: 48" X 36" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Date: 2009 Artist: Carollyne Yardley I finally finished this painting last weekend. I started it in November 2008 as an abstract painting. It then morphed into a second abstract painting. And while I enjoy the works of other artists who create [...]

Jen Steele Photoshoot – another photo

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Here's another photo from the Jen Steele Photoshoot. I like this one too, although the colour version would make a better painting. To see more of Jen's work, visit her website:

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