I went to see the Andy Warhol Exhibit, WARHOL: Larger Than Life, presented by the
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. I really enjoyed the exhibit, and highly recommend a visit (May 30, 2008 – August 24, 2008).

I especially liked the intimacy of the presentation.

The exhibit begins with his early sketches as a commercial illustrator. In particular, I liked the shoe advertisement for a New York magazine. It took me back to the days of laying out ads for my high school year book. Totally old school – black pen, cut and paste, and my personal favorite – white out!

The exhibit unfolds a story about the real Andy Warhol, not just the wild-haired, crazy avant- garde public figure who embraced technology and mass image production. He would pee his pants if he knew about the image duplication technology available today!  

I loved the Canadian connection. Canadians who commissioned personal portraits by him included: Karen Kain, Wayne Gretsky and Conrad Black. It was also fascinating to read actual Canadian Border and Customs letters, discussing whether his works were really “art”, and how in Andy’s own words, “Vancouverites don’t buy art.”Â It will only take you about an hour to visit and soak it all up.