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Squirrel Inspiration

By | July 16th, 2008|Art of Consumption|

I feel another squirrel painting coming on. I realized after talking to some of you, that many viewers aren't aware of the inspiration behind my squirrel paintings. They are inspired by an abundant amount of squirrels in our yard. Here's a snapshot of one of the "monkeys" standing in the prayer position. Praying for nuts to fall from the [...]

Pinkie and the Potato

By | July 16th, 2008|Art of Consumption|

I haven't posted in almost 4 weeks. I've  been distracted, but ready to get back to painting next week. In the meanitme, I have to share this funny one with you, dear readers. Backgrounder:  I don't cook. That's right, totally helpless in the kitchen, and proud of it. Exceptions to the rule are: I have mastered two signature [...]