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New painting – Stained Glass Window – in progress

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This newest painting will be my first diptych, although it started out as a triptych. Due to "eyeballing it" - turns out I only need two 16 X 16 canvases instead of three. This is my first time using black gesso, covering the canvas and applying light colours back on top. I was inspired by [...]

Red-Haired Mary- COMPLETE

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Title: Red Haired Mary  Medium: Acrlyic on Canvas Date: 2008 Size: 18 X 24 Artist: Carollyne Yardley Title: Red Haired Mary won by a thin red hair  (July 17, 2008):-) See poll results below. She's finally done, the painting is finished, and yet she is still unnamed. Maybe I should call her, '"Ol what's her name". I [...]

Almost finished – Lady Naverly?

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Almost finished - the pillow was really my nemesis on this one. I think I've almost conquered it. I really wanted a fluffy pillow, instead of a flat-blah pillow. I'm going to work a little bit on the trim, and some of the woodwork on the sofa, and by golly, it's thisclose to being complete.

Lady Naverly is Waiting – stillllll in progress

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I'm almost finished, and will take a good quality photo once complete. But the status is - stilllllll in progress. Two names so far are: Lady Naverly is Waiting or House of Stained Glass Windows. Once I get a few more names together, I'll put this out to poll to select the best choice. AND, [...]

House of Stained Glass Windows – still in progress

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Still going (2) - I hope to have finished by mid-week. I have to work on some of the body, chair, drapery, and the pillow needs to be lightened back up.

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Stained Glass Windows – still in progress

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Still in progress (3), and cracking away at it....

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Room with Stained Glass Windows

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  Worked on the stained glass tonight (4.5). Trying out different names too. Still in progress.

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Lady Nave-something – still in progress

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Still a lot more work to do. (8). LG came up with a name today, but then we both forgot what it was. Lady Nave-something is best what we can remember for now. By the time she's done, she'll have a name though.

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