W2 and the GI

You’ve simply got to have a sense of humour otherwise look away from your computer monitor right now.

Our next class project is to do a self-portrait. The scope of the project is as follows: doesn’t have to look like you, is multimedia, can be items that have influenced you, or represent your likes, etc.. Well – if that doesn’t sound like an invite to paint myself as Wonder Women in the Squirrel Series, I don’t know what is…..blatant really.

This is not finished, but I’m posting the underpainting to start.

WONDER WOMAN, Diana Prince and her likenesses (or not) are copyright DC Comics/Time Warner. All drawings posted on this site are copyright of Carollyne Yardley.

Here’s a fun blog containing artists’ renditions of our favorite amazon princess. BBWW: The Big Beautiful Wonder Woman Blog