jensteele1.jpgWell, Big Eyed Fiona has stuck. That’s her name.  I’m going to start another painting next week. I’ve also got my art room set up now, and found a few paintings in a box that I started on, but never finished. That is my next project, to finish them one by one. I’ll post the first one (the unfinished version) next week.

In the meantime, I’d like to talk about my friend and fine art photographer, Jen Steele. Otherwise known as Sas, Sassy, Jen-4 and Jen Steele Photography (Victoria, British Columbia). She has been in the industry for almost two decades (even though she’s only 20 years old and holding – haha). Please take time to visit her web site. She also has a blog, and has posted some recent wedding and family portrait moments. Her work has always reminded me of Annie Leibovitz  and she continues to push the boundaries of making you feel the picture, and drawing emotions from how the moment was captured. Now that she’s perfected the technical aspects of photography, I love the way she plays with light and shadows, colours, but my favorite is the setting, mood, moment, and it reminds me of still photos from a movie production. My suggestion is to get yourself or a loved one immortalized by her visionary photography now! Put away the outdated family portraits and get some quality fine art photos done now! Call her 250-812-0006 or visit her web site

Some examples to the right and below: