I’ve become addicted to time lapse paintings and drawings on YouTube. I was forwarded this link to the EclecticAsylumArt.  Holy crap is this guy good. Watch him create the Mona Lisa with ketchup and fries. It actually looks like the Mona Lisa. Jason is the artist’s name, and you will see him do this picture in 30 seconds.

Then I clicked on a speed-painting video by Speed Painting artist Nico Di Mattia. I’ve just found his web site, and he discusses the methods he uses.

SPIDER-MAN Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

Instead of using a mouse, he designs with a graphics tablet. This is a computer input device that allows one to hand-draw images and graphics, similar to the way one draws images with a pencil and paper. It consists of a flat surface upon which the user may “draw” an image using an attached stylus, a pen-like drawing apparatus. The image generally does not appear on the tablet itself but, rather, is displayed on the computer monitor. He also uses Photoshop 7. Now we’re talking my language! I think my next purchase will be this graphics tablet he speaks of. He’ll be posting an online tutorial on speed painting soon, stay tuned for more.

FYI – Here are a few online tutorials